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Builder is a thick viscosity non-self leveling hard gel used for building and sculpting both on tip or form. It is a Fantastic all-round gel that you also can use as a bonding agent. Just apply one thin layer, cure and then build with more builder gel. Easy as that!


Product Benefits

  • UV/LED formulation with advanced resin technology.
  • Is very flexible (great for ski jump nails).
  • Very easy to file.
  • Great for acrylic users switching to gel because it has more body to push around.
  • Available in clear or pink.
  • Formulated with high-quality resins.
  • Not sticky formula, it feels more smooth to work with.
  • Wonderful when you work with forms.
  • You could apply on 4 fingers at time. Thumbs separate.
  • Could be used as a bonder or shine to.
  • Cure in LED 30 sec Cure in UV 2 min.


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