#6702b Pink B (Clear/White)

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    • These Water Transfer Decals are a large format for wider/longer nails.  For smaller nails, trim to fit.  You may get a couple of sets out of these large format decals if cutting to fit smaller nails.

    • This pattern is available on white or clear background.  If an option is out of stock, please email me at admin@venusnailartsupplies.com.au with your requirements, including item number, quantity and base colour (white/clear).


    • For natural nails, paint nails with a clear base coat, which will allow the decals to adhere to the natural nail.
    • Full Cover Decals on White backing do not require any base coat over nail enhancements, but you may choose to use a similar colour if you choose.
    • If using the Clear backing and part decals, you may choose a base colour (light colours are recommended for best results).
    1. Cut out your nail decals to a size that is close to your nail size, or for part decals trim around leaving minimal boarder.
    2. Submerge your decals it in water, one at a time, for up to 20 seconds, until the decal slides off the backing easily.
    3. Place the decal on your nail, it will slide around easily.
    4. When you are happy with placement of your decal apply light pressure with a tissue, paper towel or lint free nail wipe to help squeeze out any water that from  under the decal.  As decals are thin and flexible, it is necessary to be gentle to protect your image from splitting. Be sure to remove all air bubbles and creases as these will be seen through the top coat and may cause lifting.
    5. Using a fine grit natural nail file or glass file, use light downward strokes on the free edge to trim decal neatly.  Make sure the cuticle and sidewalls are approx .5mm gap to allow it to be fully encapsulated with top coat, this will prevent lifting issues.
  • Apply a thin layer of good quality top coat to the entire nail, including the free edge, capping the entire decal.  Cure, or allow to dry, and apply a second coat.

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